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About Sinex Travel
Sinex Travel means Sino Expert, in more common sense China Expert. The name comes from, we in our staff both have Chinese employees and Danish employees, all with a reliable and solid knowledge about China. This makes it possible for Sinex Travel to provide the best service and settings for the large number of customers we own, travelling to China. Sinex Travel is established in 1993. Sinex Travel divides from other travel agencies providing tours to China, because we besides group- and package tours arrange:

• Individual-  and tailor made tours to China
• Study trip and education tours
• Company tours and visit to selected companies
• Conference tours
• Special adventure- and sport travels
• Establish contact to relevant authorities in Denmark and China

In addition we also offer flight tickets to almost all destinations around the world.

We offer a very individual service, our daily contact to our Chinese partners, means we always are able to offer the best possible service to our customers.
If some of the above mentioned is of interest to you and you like to know more, you are welcome always to make contact with us. You can call us by telephone, send an e-Mail or pay a visit to our office, where we together can work out an offer for a particular program.

About Sinex Travels’s program
It is with great pleasure Sinex Travel present our program on this website. It is our aim to have composed good offers for our customers reflecting the quality and reasonable price level Sinex Travel is well known for.

So why not make use of the possibilities Sinex Travel offer to have an exciting and eventful journey to a country that offers much more than other destinations.

Your tour to China can be more than just one location. To include more than one particular place in China in your tour is very much possible. You can easily travel around in China (only the language is difficult). The infrastructure makes it possible fast to go from one location to another. Train- and airlines connections are much more developed than most people know.
Example, China Railways is capable of transporting more than 200 million people round in China during Chinese New Year 10 days celebration.

China also has very good airline companies. China Air is a member of Star Alliance, like SAS. You even can earn Eurobonus mileage by flying in China.

Destinations are countless in China. One can travel to destinations very primitive and experience local population living as times has passed by for the last 150 years or one can travel to the most modern and futuristic city in the world, in which even we from Western Europe must pay respect to the greatness included.

Be inspired by our website and let your dreams come through. Sinex Travel will do whatever it takes and more to meet your expectation.
Do our scheduled tours and programs not fit with your expectations for what you will like to explore in China, or the travel period does not fit into your holiday period, it is a good idea to contact one our skilled employees and have a talk about which changes can be made. Please also refer to our webpage about individual wishes and individual tour programs.
We wish you a  nice travel.

History of Sinex Travel
Sinex Travel is established in 1993 by Laila Liu.
Laila Liu is born in China and have lived in Denmark for the last 25 years. Original Laila Liu was educated as a school teacher both in China and in Denmark. She was the first teacher who gave Chinese lessons to Danish adult students. Through this work, Laila Liu began to arrange tours to China for her students.
This very fast became a popular event and a lot of travelling went on. Soon she had to make up her mind about being a teacher or a tour organizer. Laila Liu decided to establish her own travel agency. Through the years after Laila Liu have sent many Danish tourists to China, with great pleasure for everyone.
Quality, good and exciting experiences to a manageable price is the main theme of Sinex Travel. Sinex Travel does its outmost to live up to these standards. This also have produced the concept where our customers by themselves can tailor make their own tour and be guided about how exactly they achieve the tour always wished, to a very reasonable price level. A great success until now and also for the coming years.
Sinex Travel believes this is the way forward for Danes with sense of adventure.

Sinex Travel wish you all the fun.

The staff of Sinex Travel
The office of Sinex Travel is located in the middle of Copenhagen. We are 6 employees in the office. You are always welcome in the office and have a talk about your next travel with one of our sales people.
The staff includes both Chinese and Danish members. If you wish to speak in Chinese it is possible.
Our staff all have been in China many times and know what is happening in China. We are able to give you the best service and advice about places you want to go and what can be experienced in China.

The foundation of Sinex Travel is our aim always being able to deliver a best quality to our customers.
Our goal is always improve our products and service to our customers satisfaction.
Furthermore we strive to deliver the best price – performance in the market.

Sinex Travel 
Corporate with a number of the biggest and most experienced tour operators in China, in which professional leaders and local guides do whatever is possible to secure every tour and arrangement becomes an unique and outspoken success.

Sinex Travel has own Danish tour leaders.







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